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Post Purchase Lifecycle Redefined

Redefine your post-purchase journey with a white glove customer experience

Seamless doorstep returns pick-up, same-day product dispositioning, hyper-local storage, and rapid local re-fulfillment.

hyper local fulfillment services

All About The Benefits

A strategic advantage in a competitive space.

Easy returns will improve conversion rates and repeat purchases

40 %

Reduction in cost for returns & exchanges

20 %

Increase in repeat

purchase rates

10 %

Returns fraud eliminated with instant inventory verification

door step returns pickup

Return, Store & Re-Ship Locally!

An unmatched customer shipping experience that builds customer lifetime value, improves profitability and saves time.

Ditch tedious online returns. 

Delight customers with an effortless experience.

All About The Experience

Shipping & Returns are a pain. Make it a win-win all-around.

Streamlined Returns

An inforgraphic that explains the customer experience with Oloround's streamlined returns services
Doorstep Pickup

Customers request a return on your website. 

If they’re in an oloround pickup zone, they simply schedule a pickup, relax, and we’ll do the rest.

Elevate Returns, Delight Customers

Instantly verify product condition and disposition with confidence. Provide an immediate refund and elevated customer experience, while eliminating inventory down time.

Instant Inventory Verification

No box, no labels, no hassle.
Give your customer's white glove service.
We’ll pickup directly from them during their preferred pickup window.

Micro-Mile Fulfillment

An inforgraphic that explains the customer experience with Oloround's micro-mile fulfillment services

Swiftly deliver new customer orders from local Garage Buddy stock!
We’ll check for availability and deliver it with locally available inventory.

Hyper-Fast & Hyper-Affordable

Hyper-Local storage means Hyper-fast fulfillment.
Our Garage Buddies will reship orders locally, cutting shipping time and cost, while delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Hyper-Local Storage

Save time & money! Return, store & fulfill locally across our Garage Buddy locations.

No need to reship every return back to a warehouse.

Hyper-Local Fulfillment

All About The Value

oloround hyperlocal fulfillment process

White Glove Returns Experience

No box, no label, no hassle. Your customers schedule doorstep pickups at their convenience.

how does hyper local fulfillment work

Hyper-Local Storage

Reduce miles traveled and impact on the environment. 

easy returns

Hyper-Fast Delivery

2-Day delivery for half the cost of ground.

hyper local storage

2-Day fulfillment and delivery

Doorstep exchanges with local inventory

Increased conversion rates

Proof of delivery

Delivery updates

Enhanced customer experience

Increase in conversion and repeat purchase rates

Instant product verification - eliminates fraud

Completely eliminate WISMR

Brand tailored 24hr dispositioning

20% reduction in storage costs

Same-day refund initiated to customers

Optional reduced-cost bulk inventory returned to brands, as requested.

All About The Stats

Boost Your Brand with oloround's Post-Purchase Experience.

oloround hyperlocal fulfillment process

80% of US online shoppers are less likely to shop from the same retailer again due to a poor returns experience.

50% of customers will abandon a purchase because of inconvenient returns experience.

Improve loyalty & lifetime value

how to improve ecommerce sales by hyper local fulfillment
improved customer loyalty by using hyper local fulfillment

Improve your conversion rate

improved benefits for hyper local fulfillment

16.5% of online purchases are returned, impacting profit margins and operations.

Save time & money

improved conversion rates by using hyper local fulfillment

Prevent loss due to returns fraud

10% of returned merchandise is lost due to return fraud.

Make your post-purchase game a strategic advantage

Increase revenue, maximize profit, lower fulfillment costs and drive loyalty.

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