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Q: What is "Micro-Mile Fulfillment"? A: Micro-Mile Fulfillment is oloround's innovative approach to streamlining the post-purchase lifecycle for brands by keeping operations hyper-local. This solution includes managing returns, exchanges, storage, and re-fulfillment within hyper-local regions using "Garage Buddies" as our hub partners. By avoiding the need to reship inventory to a central warehouse, Micro-Mile Fulfillment significantly cuts down on shipping time and costs. oloround aims to transform the fulfillment experience, turning it from a logistical challenge into a strategic advantage for brands.

Q: How does the oloround return process work? A: Customers can request a return directly on your ecommerce store. If they are within an oloround pickup zone, they can schedule a pickup at their convenience. We then handle the pickup directly from their doorstep, eliminating the need for boxes, labels, or any hassle.

Q: What is the "Doorstep Pickup" service? A: Our Doorstep Pickup service offers a white-glove experience for your customers. Instead of them having to package and label their returns, we pick up the items directly from their home during their preferred pickup window. We instantly verify the correct items was returned, and what condition it's in. This immediate returns disposition allows the brand to issue a refund without worry.

Q: How much does oloround’s services cost? A: oloround offers a flat fee for each item shipped or picked up. The cost is a fraction of what you pay for traditional shipping. Garage Buddy storage provides the added value of low overhead storage, allowing for super affordable storage costs over the traditional storage & fulfillment model. The overall price structure depends on the volume of returns and deliveries in each of the oloround zones.

Q: How does Instant Inventory Verification work? A: Once we pick up a returned item, we immediately verify its condition and make a determination based on the standards the brand has established. We also send photo evidence to the brand for their reference. This provides the ability to instantly disposition the item, informing brands whether or not they can relist it for re-sale. It provides peace of mind for brands and ensures a quicker refund process for customers.

Q: How does oloround save me money on shipping new orders? A: When a customer places an order on your website, we check for local availability based on their location. If a Garage Buddy has the required item, we fulfill the order using the locally available inventory, ensuring faster delivery.

Q: How does oloround's solution enhance brand loyalty? A: By offering a seamless and efficient post-purchase experience, oloround helps brands build stronger relationships with their customers. Happy customers are more likely to return, increasing brand loyalty and repeat business.

Q: How do oloround services impact the environment? A: Our goal is to have an impact all-around! oloround is the most sustainable shipping and returns service, with the lowest carbon footprint. By minimizing the amount of time in transit, and eliminating the need for boxes and labels, we help reduce the impact on the environment.

Q: How does oloround enhance the shopping experience for customers? A: With oloround, customers can enjoy an effortless returns or exchange experience. Our no-box, no-label, no-hassle returns policy, combined with rapid local re-shipping, ensures that customers have a smooth and convenient post-purchase journey.

Q: How does the Garage Buddy model work? A: We partner with people locally in each city we service, giving brands the ability to have hyper-local reach, and hyper-fast shipping and returns capabilities, at a fraction of the cost of traditional services. All Garage Buddies are thoroughly vetted and background checked prior to onboarding. All inventory will be insured, giving brands and Garage Buddies peace of mind all around.

Q: What makes oloround's inventory disposition model different and better? A: When we pick up a return, we inspect it immediately at pickup and input the item’s condition through our app. Based on a brand’s specific guidelines, we then mark it as re-sellable and put it into inventory, or not sellable and disposition it based on the brands’ guidelines. This saves the brand time and money, allowing them to resell inventory immediately or disposition it without having to ship it back to a central warehouse.

Q: What benefits do brands gain from oloround's services? A: Brands can revolutionize their customer's post-purchase journey with oloround. We provide a seamless return experience, right from the customer's doorstep, saving time and money. Our services not only reduce logistical challenges but also enhance customer loyalty and increase profit margins. Our service also allows brands to offer hyper-fast, 2-day fulfillment, returns, and exchange times at a fraction of the cost. For products that cannont be re-fulfilled through “Micro-Mile Fulfillment”, our service allows for individual returns to be processed, stored and be bulk-shipped back to the brands central warehouse, saving massively on shipping while still giving customers a seamless returns experience. Additionally, oloround Micro-Mile fulfillment modle is the most sustainable returns service, with the lowest carbon footprint. Brands can proudly demonstrate their support for sustainable growth while giving their customers an unmatched experience.

Q: How is oloround a great "All-Around Solution for Brands"? A: oloround is more than just a shipping solution. We offer a comprehensive strategy that transforms the fulfillment experience. By reducing costs and streamlining processes, we allow brands to focus on their core competencies while we manage the logistics. oloround also offers an easy and low-cost way to disposition inventory when needed, alleviating the extra time and money wasted on dispositioning unusable inventory.

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